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OAX Raffle To Benefit The Weber Sustainability Fund

While there are infinite ways to enjoy Weber County, the resources that make this region so alluring are objectively finite. The purpose of the Weber Sustainability Fund (WSF) is to encourage meaningful experiences for residents and visitors while ensuring a net-positive impact on the area’s natural resources and infrastructure.

Outdoor Adventure X has partnered with WSF as one of two organizations chosen as the beneficiaries of the event’s charity raffle.  OAX organizers intend to donate 100% of the raffle proceeds to charity, including WSF’s strategically developed initiatives and projects that ensure the long-term preservation of Northern Utah’s mountain communities and their surrounding natural assets.

Outdoor Adventure X raffle proceeds will benefit the community that OAX attendees will use during the event including trail and general maintenance on Forest Service property on and around the Snowbasin area and Pineview Reservoir beach.

“We created the Weber Sustainability Fund as an avenue for the tourism economy to give back to the community in which they are recreating to create sustainable experiences,” said Sara Toliver, Weber Sustainability Fund. “OAX’s partnership contributes to the assets OAX attendees will enjoy ensuring the ability for the same enjoyment on future visits and for our residents. We are incredibly grateful for the recognition of this important opportunity to sustain these resources.”

Charity raffle tickets can be purchased on-site or during your event ticket purchase online.  Get your event tickets or camping passes today!