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How To Activate Your Display And Engage With Consumers At Live Events

All brand marketers know that hands-on experience with your products is an invaluable marketing tool.  Giving the consumer the opportunity to touch, feel and even try on your products just might be the most powerful tool in a marketer’s toolkit.  

In the live event environment, the sales opportunity goes into hyperdrive.  Think of your own experience attending a concert, a sporting event, or a music festival.  At a live event, consumers are more than just people walking into a retail store to browse products. They’re passionate enthusiasts gathering with other like-minded, devoted fans.  

Live events offer you the opportunity to engage your brand directly with consumers in the following ways:

  • Hands-on product testing with live, on-site demos of your product;
  • Interaction with brand ambassadors, athletes, and community icons – an experience that can have a lasting impact on brand loyalty;
  • Face-to-face conversations with knowledgeable product reps enhance the consumer’s understanding of your product’s benefits and authority in the marketplace.

Haven’t activated a brand presence at a consumer lifestyle event?  Follow these steps to get your brand the most out of your live event experience at Outdoor Adventure X June 17-18 at Snowbasin in Huntsville, UT.

STEP 1:  Create an engaging booth experience that showcases your wares and drives direct-to-consumer sales
  • Create an inviting space that displays your brand’s top products.  Don’t have an outdoor booth display?  Let us help you make an impact!  Learn more about OAX’s booth build-out program here.
  • Host a brand ambassador Q&A or autograph session in your booth.
  • Don’t want to sell inventory from your booth?  Don’t!  Offer a show special or promotion to drive online sales on-site.  Don’t forget to keep track of these online sales for a full live event ROI picture.
  • Don’t make it too complicated.  Display your top products only instead of the full line and use tablets to highlight/sell additional colors, sizes, and styles in your lines.  
  • Sell your current product line at OAX, then launch your new/future lines at Outdoor Retailer Summer the next week.
  • Play music and make sure your booth staff is friendly, inviting, and knowledgeable about your products.
STEP 2: Take advantage of in-event marketing opportunities provided by organizers:

Event marketers want tools to drive audience a) to the event and b) into your booth.

Pre-event marketing opportunities:

  • In advance of the event, tell your audience you’ll be at the show, promote your booth activation, and invite them to join you using graphics, copy, and potentially a ticket giveaway provided by event organizers.
  • Provide copy + photography showcasing your booth activation for OAX’s social media, e-news, blog, and e-marketing teams.

In-event marketing opportunities:

  • Provide a show special or discount exclusive to event attendees.
  • Launch a new product at the show or choose a recently launched product to feature to event attendees.
  • Provide a giveaway item (stickers/patches/water bottle/etc) for your fans to wear to show brand loyalty.
  • Host a demo of your product from your booth; This demo is carried on the general schedule of events for the weekend.
  • Donate a product to the event raffle.
  • Use the demo areas at OAX to allow event attendees to get a hands-on experience with your products.
STEP 3: Lead generation
  • Build a list of potential customers to use in remarketing efforts.
  • Host a contest, offer a show special/discount, or provide a swag item as a giveaway (stickers, patches, hats, shirts) to encourage sign-ups.
  • Follow up with a discount or offer to thank consumers for visiting your booth on site.

Want more information on how to get involved in Outdoor Adventure X?  Contact your sales rep or visit the Exhibit page below.